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Report to the NZPIF Communications Meeting June 2008

We hold a meeting every 6 weeks.
Most meetings attract around 60 to 80 attendees.
All meetings are publicly advertised free to attend.

Most of our new members come through the new attendees to the meetings.

Every meeting is preceded with a two-page newsletter. This newsletter is sent by email to 460 subscribers. The newsletter is posted on the Property talk (the busiest forum in New Zealand) and copies are supplied in the tenancy tribunal waiting room.The email sending process mail merges and sends a personalised reminder to all those members who have not yet paid their membership fee. This has had a significant improvement in early renewals of the annual membership.

The newsletter is the only association newsletter that provides up to date market comments and often has real life funny stories. These two items are the most commented on and requested in our annual survey.Often the newsletter carries paid marking information on seminars or members unwanted investment properties.

The Association is represented on community housing forums and emergency housing committees. We maintain cordial relationships with a wide spectrum of organisations that have an interest in social housing providing help were are able. Our Vice President recently provided an emergency house and has helped the organisations that operate it set up a code of practice. We do not always agree with the social housing advocates but we do have a pleasant dialogue.

Local bodies and the media frequently seek our opinion on the housing market resulting in regular news items reflecting our views. We make frequent contributions to the newspaper letters to the editor / forums rebutting false, negative, and derogatory comments about landlords and our industry.

We support one local primary school with a significant gift each year. That school advertises our meetings in their newsletter.

We have no trouble getting volunteers to stand for the committee and they all assist at meetings without having to be asked.

All Property management businesses in our area receive our newsletter with most of them being financial members. Several Real Estate firms without property management divisions are also members.

At Jan’s encouragement we are introducing a personalised follow up to those non-renewing members. Hopefully this will provide some feed back as to how we can better serve our industry.
All financial members receive the NZ Property magazine and the Capital Property magazine.
We maintain a cordial relationship with both the Capital Property Investors Association and the Wellington Property Investors Association.
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