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April 2023

Our first meeting of the year at the Honest Lawyer Monaco was on Tuesday, 11 April 2023 7:30 pm with first-term Mayor of Nelson, Hon Dr Nick Smith.

September 2022

Our fifth meeting of the year at the Honest Lawyer Monaco was on Tuesday, 27 September 2022 7:30 pm with Matthew Harris, founder and Managing Director at Lighthouse Financial – a full service financial firm based in Auckland City, as speaker (click here for Matthew's presentation).

August 2022

Our fouth meeting of the year at the Honest Lawyer Monaco was on Tuesday 2 August 2022 7:30 pm with Councillors Mel Courtney and Harry Pearson as speakers.

June 2022

Our third meeting of the year at the Honest Lawyer Monaco was on Tuesday 14th May 7:30 pm with Andrew King, NZPIF National President as speaker.

May 2022

Our second meeting of the year at the Honest Lawyer Monaco was Tuesday 3rd March 7:30 pm with Alun Carter as the guest speaker.

March 2022

Our first meeting of the year at the Honest Lawyer Monaco was Tuesday 15th March 7:30 pm with Steve Goodey as the guest speaker.


December 2021

Our last meeting of the year was on Tuesday 14th December with Derek Smail and Darryl Olverson from Ecotech Nelson and Tony Frost by Zoom from somewhere. The RTA is being kicked into touch, and Glenn's inbox and phone calls.

Ecotech presentation to Nelson Property Investors Association December 2021 meeting (click here)


October 2021

Family Violence and the RTA, advice for landlords and tenants on seeking a rent reduction, and despite record numbers of new homes coming on stream the number of homes for rental or sale is still at rock bottom.

August 2021

Our fifth meeting of the year was supposed to be Tuesday, 24 August 2021. Our speakers were supposed to Derek Smail and Darryl Olverson from Ecotech Nelson and Tony Frost by Zoom from China.  All were cancelled because of Covid-19 restrictions.

July 2021

Our fourth meeting of the year was on Tuesday 13 July 2021. Our speakers were Kathryn Marshall, General Manager, and Carl Da Costa, top Sales Consulant, from the Williams Corporation.

June 2021

Our third meeting of the year was on Tuesday 1 June 2021. Our speakers were Jacqui Deans, Growth Co-ordinator from Tasman District Council, and Lisa Gibellini, Team Leader City Development, Nelson City Council, talking on Intensification in our urban areas.

April 2021

Our second meeting of the year was on Tuesday 20 April and our speaker was Sharon Cullwick, NZPIF Executive Officer.

February 2021

Our first meeting of 2021 was Tuesday 9 March 6pm with a visit to Resene Paints.

November 2020

Speaker was Brett Whiteley from Westwind Projects and Courtenay Isherwood from Isherwood Consultants Limited. Residential Tenancies Ammendment Quiz , the Tenancy Agreement Sample, and some Handy Hints.

September 2020

Speaker was Stewart Henry from Summit Rentals.  Residential Tenancies Ammendment Bill is now law, and one of the Nelson PIA members, Harry Pearson, is offering a 10% discount on self storage/container storage options.

August 2020

Speakers were from BNZ and JB Were. "What on Earth is Going on?", latest on rental numbers and housing issues. Rental freeze ending in 26 September 2020.  Reminder that a being a financial member of the Nelson Property Investors Association entitles you to monthly issues of the NZ Property Investor magazine.

June 2020

Speaker was Dr Nick Smith. AGM meeting announcement, landlord training course, membership benefits, the investment property market in Nelson. Call to renew annual membership.

April 2020

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill and the January Newsletter Follow Up.

January 2020 (Amendment)

Last minute change of venue and speaker.  Now Barry Rowe, the Director and Registered Valuer from Duke & Cooke.

January 2020

The year ahead and what the "experts" forecast.  Visit to Resene Paints.

October 2019

Speaker was Andrew King Executive Officer of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.  MBiE Renting and You seminars, and Churn of tenants and landlords.

September 2019

Speaker was Mayoral candidate Mel Courtney.  MBiE Renting and You seminars, Media perceptions, Self Resolution of Tenancy Problems.

July 2019

Speaker was Liz Harris from Franklyn Village.  MBiE Renting and You seminars, and loss of quiet enjoyment.

June 2019

Speaker was Nick Goodall from Core Logic. The market and what on earth is going on?

May 2019

Speaker was David Faulkner, Director of Real IQ. Nelson Tasman Housing Trust.

March 2019

Speaker was Sue Harrison from Christchurch talking about holiday homes as an investment. What is the government up to?

February 2019

Mitre 10 night out. Study of Nelson asking prices on Trade Me rentals.

October 2018

Speaker was Graeme Dick from Projects and Ventures. Stop the world I want to get off. A voice from the wilderness. Analysis of Trade Me rental property rent. Letters in the mail.

August 2018

Speaker was Leonie Freeman, awarded the Property Institutes Life membership and the Supreme Property Award for 2017. Meth contamination stinks.

July 2018

Speaker was Mike Jones from  BNZ Markets. Did Phil Twyford have a light bulb moment?

May 2018

Mix and mingle night. It is all go out on the building sites. Old dog learns a new trick that had been forgotten.

April 2018

Speaker was Nick Brunsdon, Research Analyst from BRANZ. Bunnings night out. What some other people are writing about the market.

March 2018

Our host was Nick Rose, the Nelson Complex manager of Bunnings.

February 2018

Mix and mingle night. Renting your property in the current market. Change of Government. Christchurch Rebuild – the good news continues.

July 2016

Meth residue, testing, unintended damage

September 2015

House price increases; how New Zealand compares to other countries

June and August 2015

Nick's Pancia, Health and Housing, The Market