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Intensification in our urban areas

Jun 1, 2021 - 7:30pm

  Honest Lawyer, 1 Point Road, Monaco, Nelson

Our third meeting of the year is on Tuesday 1st June 7:30 pm with the optional before meeting meal at 6 pm. We have Jacqui Deans speaking (Growth Co-ordinator from Tasman District Council) and from NCC it will be Lisa Gibellini, Team Leader City Development. I have asked them to talk on Intensification in our urban areas.

We are very lucky and privileged to get such highly skilled key people from the two territorial authorities in our area. Note this meeting is not about us making a submission or wanting to change anything that is proposed. It is about learning and being informed. Clearly the whole country is suffering from growth pains and that pain is not restricted to Auckland and Queenstown. The present and past governments seem to blame property investors for some of the pain. That pain shows itself in high property prices, insufficient rental properties to meet the need, long delays in building / developments, media hysteria when overcrowding and bad antisocial activities living like rats encourages. Most armchair experts have an opinion on solving the problem. The important issue is what direction and where the planners are pointing and pushing us towards. All planners want an attractive workable environment. All investors want to do is ride the crest of the wave, put their money to work for a period, then when their life changes be able to offload their investment to someone else.